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Great fears tumble incessently;
a rage of doubt, self-solicitation,
Of battered tries to reconciliate
The passing dreams of yesteryear
with the truths you find today.

What you strived to set in sights
Was lost somewhere between.
In thrusting all your wayward efforts
onto the air around your breath,
An aggrevation encircled those
who were infected by your hopes.

To reverse what has been set
against your pallid skin,
An elapse of time must consume
and those fantasies will shed.
And to those encompased,
a deep sorrow runs to you.

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Miniscule Sense of Smallness


constricted in a box,
walls too thin to breath
Windows looking out,
no room for mirrors
-Smashed on the floor.
Tiny reflections of
miniscule stature,
ill-volupsciously cursed.
Two small bumps,
curved over rib cages
shallow breathing air,
in and out of lungs
That fit into your hands.
Fingers that curl
around mine,
that crush wih accident
but true ease.
Brittle, frame of mind,
to match the bones
that lay within this
small, box of

I want out.
I want to be free,
free of the ant-feeling
of worthlessness,
of being missed in crowds,
of not fitting,
of DOWN-sizing.
Of altercations.

Free of the mistake
that I am not a woman,
but a little girl still

What a Black Bird Means To a Dying Rose

He has always been dwelling in the corner; quietly observing with those soft, changing eyes – the kind that when you look into them, you see the truest reflection of yourself which no mirror can give. The greatest part is that he looks on without judgement, so one can feel the ease of the void of confidence melting away. Never knew how vital his keepingn company was till it was not kept any longer. When regained at moments, one can delve into the calmity once more as if twas never lost. Those who hold too tightly are usually, upon observation, those who are kept at a greater distance than those who allow themselves to just be and feel. And, despite what has occured along with what may, I will always crave his presence and character with all my black little heart.

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Need For Numbness

And I cannot stop thinking of surrender to Death.
Oh, how quiet it would be in deafened solitude,
For I would welcome it with everything inside me.
To stomp out that flickering light left so fragile,
it would feel so sweet to bury myself in the ground
Or that rope, so arousing, as it burns through my neck.

And don’t dare ask me why if I do part from this world,
for you, my dearest of loves, should understand it all;
The pressure pushing down on my skin everyday,
the absolute need to physically please these vermen.
To be a better me and to look a certain way.
No more can I take the pain of inadequacy.

I long for darkness, the cool embrace of nothingness.


You look to be on the verge of tears
Just from me indulging in my fears,
Ones that slice through me and deeply sheers,
my heart getting blacker by the years.

You hold me close and say “It’s alright,
Compared to the stars you’re just as bright,”
Yet, if others are e’er in your sight,
I quiver to the bones with such freight.

In your response there is some delay,
tis then I feel you don’t wish to stay.
I bite my lip and silently pray
that my arms only you want to lay.

In true love I do beg to believe,
how can I when so many concieve?
So in dark, deep pits you must retrieve
My bleeding heart for you to relieve.

Please, don’t think I try to make it hard
I don’t like keeping my feelings barred-
-Shoved underneath and left to discard,
S’all too bad I drew the losing card.

It’s torturous that my love for you I can’t show,
For my hatred overpowers all that I know.

You Love Me, You Love Me Not

In the burn from the touch of your intimate lover,
Or the pleas of pain left a whimper on your wet lips
The distant call for venture you’re unable to rouse,
The child’s gleeful scream so loud it leaves one deafened.
The foul stench of roses ablaze due to cruel love,
Your shiver of anticipation muddled by Fear
I am quite similar to all of these abstractions;
I am the demon you do not wish to exercise,
The fallen Paragon you cannot get enough of
The one you loathe though whom is always stuck in your head,
I, who turn your sinful fantasties into nightmares
The drug affecting every frail cell in your system,
Will ne’er bleed out or vanish from your infected selves.

Oh, how you viciously hate to love me but you cannot stray,
For once pricked by my poisoned thorns, I’m with you till your dying day.

Contorted Consciousness

Time has officially slipped through my fingers,
but the stench of my yesterday still lingers.
I attempt to dethrone the pain of my past,
as the presence of tomorrow comes too fast.

It is here, through tired lifts of my frail lids,
that my aggression contends w’the weariest bids.
With the pressures looming from the distances,
this doesn’t pay up to this long list of chances.

As I strive to bury the pure frustration
In the darkness beneath heavy constriction,
It becomes relevant, that strain of it all.
Believe me demon, I will not be the one to Fall.

I have no reserve, so by my words you abide,
or else I’ll slit you to pieces and eat your pride.

Kiss of Death [Reprise]

Rain drips down my pale skin
as a cold shiver claims my mortality,
Underneath the clouded, quarter moon
That shines its ugly, yellow hue down
Onto the empty streets where you found me.

You approached my fraility with confidence,
Drew me into your cool embrace;
A shield from the harsh, Fall winds.
Before my scream disturbed the resting Eve,
your fiery eyes bearing down silenced me.

“Dear Stranger,” your dark voice filled my ear,
your cold hands caressed the sides of my awed face,
“May you tell me why all you humans Fear?”
The unsuspected inquiry drew an ironic laugh,
you quirked your stone face in question.

I pondered all of the possible answers before speaking,
“It is the virus we are most insusceptible to,”
Your low, bemused chuckle sliced through me
in vast smooth motions you had me pinned-
My back to the hard, brick wall, you pressed against me.

“Are you afraid?” Your hiss was so pleasurable to hear,
Leaning in closer you breathed coolly on my neck.
Goosebumps prickled my skin, my hair on all ends,
Yet, as I searched in all my inner crevaces and shadows,
I could not find that Fear we spoke of.

Sensing my strength muddled with curiousity,
you inched in and pressed your teeth into my neck.
My papery skin held no match for your razors,
though as the thick, crimson flooded from me
I gasped in ecstacy, heightened by the sheer pain.

Though you took from me my body’s most precious gift,
Your lips pulsed lurid fire through each vein;
the rueful scent of others death on you tantalized me,
and in the weary night no longer lonesome,
I cried for you to take all the life within me.

I did not realize my encounter, however strange,
Would rape my heart of its beat for eternity,
But no regrets besought me as my skin
turned alabaster, to match you my lovely friend.
And of your sweet rapture I whispered thanks,
for the delieverance of your Kiss of Death.

Fatal Recollection

She clambered down the jagged cliff,
its narrowness not noticed,
And bound towards the crashing blue.
A glint of severe curiousity in her eyes,
the youthul smile radiated no fear.
Etched within her very skin it lie;
The yearning for the little rocks,
the one’s lay strewn, sparkling at the shore.

With slender digits she found one,
It called to her with familiarity.
The gentle curves, the sharp wedges,
had creased itself in her fingertips
some distant time ago.
She was brought to press her lips
Against the cold stone, and quivered.
She recalled this kiss and knew it well;

It was His poison flowing in her, once again.